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Intensive examination of your professional future.

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Career coaching - together and together

And if you think individual coaching is better - no! There are good reasons to choose the group.

  • Swarm knowledge and swarm inspiration

  • Practice area in terms of free speech and rhetoric

  • Network formation / expansion



how to continue after school or university

A whole day for your professional future.

  • personality test

  • potential analysis

  • interest profile

  • personal future scenario

Monthly network meeting with other coaching participants.

Vergangenheit - Gegenwart - Zukunft

In many situations in life it is good to have someone by your side who has an outsider's perspective and thus helps to sort and reorient yourself. 

Talents, needs, motives in life - we have often lost access to them due to our living conditions. Even if you feel the longing to deal with topics such as personality development and the development of talent, there is little time in everyday life. And so there are often change situations that give time to pause and ask yourself who you are and what you want. This also includes the area of work. 

I've walked this path, I've walked that path, then I've walked my path.

chinese wisdom

How do I know my way? And where is it taking me?

Sometimes a small impulse is enough and off you go and sometimes you have to take a lot of time to look at everything and think about it. No two coaching sessions are the same. 

We are happy to accompany you and use all our knowledge and creative methods to support you individually and in the best possible way on your path to knowledge and decision-making. 



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The 3 column model
a sustainable application process

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The 1st pillar of the application

The Research - The inner and outer research work

Inner Research - Who am I?

What are my talents, values, strengths, weaknesses, needs - what are my crazy skills? - If I know that, then I also know what and where I want to work and the external research can begin.

External research - job search

Who are the companies I want to work for and how and where can I find them?

The better you can assess yourself and the more specifically you know which position you want to apply for, the more appropriate and individual you can make your application. 

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The 2 pillars of the application

The application process

CV, certificates, cover letter

Upload online or hand in in person...

What belongs in a resume? How do you design a resume? What is the best way to present yourself?

Keywords, cover letter, letter of motivation or just a short profile? 
Even if the vacancy you want to apply for has a clearly defined requirement profile, no two CVs are the same. And so the question arises as an applicant, how do I design my CV and cover letter. What does the recruiter want to hear and read and what do I want to say about myself? There are standards and there are creative exceptions. The application process and the associated application documents vary depending on the industry and profession. 

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The 3rd pillar of the application

The interview

Depending on the industry and the position to be filled, job interviews are more or less complex. From a simple "when can you start?", through several rounds of interviews with different interviewees to assessment centers and trial work days, job interviews are varied and are often a black box.

The good:

The more energy and effort is invested in the first pillar, the more relaxed and confident job interviews can be.

Image by Michael C

The 3 phases

a good cooperation

1. Are we a good match? 
Finding phase - preliminary talks of approx. 30 minutes

2. The common way
Depending on the coaching, you decide how long you need us.

is when things can go on well without us

 With us


the whole thing gets a meaningful

Common thread sum of all yours
CV items, 

because we will find your  with youTalents and preferences.

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dr Birgit Wegerich-Bauer


potential igniter

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Sascha Spitz


professional world connoisseur

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Paula Drettas


personality recognizer


Kult-X eG in formation
cultural development

of organizations and companies

Ilbenstadter Strasse 12

60385 Frankfurt

Phone: 069 96 86 71 30

Mobile: 0151 67 21 01 12

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